Employee Records

Employee records are handled by the Department of Human Resource Information Systems. The mission of the Department of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) is to develop and lead information system plans that meet Human Resources’ automation, data, records and information management requirements. The department’s primary focus is on establishing integrated systems for the administration and deployment of strategic Human Resource information, programs, and services.

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Human Resource Information Technology

A major objective of HRIS is to increase Human Resource Management's capacity to leverage and assimilate new and emerging technologies; streamline workflow; maximize accuracy, reliability, and validity of workforce data; and ease deployment and collection of data and information. The following are some of the functional activities performed by HRIS in addressing Information Technology at Howard: 

Document Imaging

Another major objective of the Department of HRIS is to develop electronic historical employee records for the University. HRIS maintains the Official Personnel File (OPF) which is the primary repository for the University's workforce.

PC Support

While Howard University has a technical support staff, Enterprise Technology Services (ETS), to manage computing issues on University computers, HRIS handles support functions for HRM. HRIS serves as the first level of support for the HR staff which may include initial setup and configuration, trouble shooting, security and any software/hardware related problem that impacts their individual workstations.

Records Management

The primary repository for the University workforce information is the Official Personnel File (OPF) maintained by HRIS. This file includes employee documentation pertaining to all personnel transactions. Documents maintained within the OPF are employee applications, hiring acknowledgements & agreements, commendations, disciplinary notices, employee contact forms, offer letters, performance evaluations, personnel and budget recommendations, position descriptions and university photo IDs.

To enhance our ability to store and maintain employee records, the University invested in a digital document management system that would provide electronic documentation of all official personnel files. This system is operated and maintained in HRIS.

Reporting and Compliance

HRIS receives various requests for data and information. These requests may come from management, internal and external auditors or legal entities, and governmental regulatory institutions. HRIS assesses individual request for data, defines reporting requirements and manages the creation and implementation of reports.

Workday Support

The HRIS team works closely with the HR delegates in the various Cost Centers, HR Strategic Business Partners, Compensation, Talent Acquisition & Immigration, Benefits, and the Payroll Office to ensure proper and effective HR transactions are entered into Workday. 

Data Requests and Analytics

The HRIS team writes, maintains and support ongoing management data needs and identify appropriate system solutions to help with all inquiries from internal and external customers; including the Office of General Counsel inquiries, annual fiscal year audits, pension/retirement plans audits and strategic University projects.