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Current Courses & Programs

Customer Service Training

Through the year, the Office of Human Resources provides customer service training that focuses on teaching employees the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to increase customer satisfaction. We are aware that good customer service increases customer satisfaction. By improving the value of your customer service through training, we can look forward to an upsurge in customer satisfaction, retention, and reliability.

Customer Service is the new branding of Howard University:

We A.R.E. Howard




Customer Service Blue
Customer Service

Desktop Skills

As the Howard University Community continues to grow and change, it is essential that we invest in developing and training our workforce. To meet that need, each professional will have the opportunity to learn the fundamental technical software skills required to perform effectively. This professional development initiative will focus on building Microsoft Office proficiency, specifically MS Outlook, Word and Excel. By providing this training series to our workforce, we are laying the ground work for a culture shift by acknowledging the importance of cultivating knowledgeable and skilled professionals at all levels who can meet the needs of our internal and external customers.



Social Styles

Social styles is based off of the self assessment of social styles (“Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” and “Merrill Reid Social-Style Concept”). It follows the same concept that every person has traits from each social style, but operates predominately in one area with a strong secondary area. Whether you are leading or being led, an important factor to ensuring success is customizing your approach based on individuals you interact with.

  • People have traits from all four social styles
  • Successful communication requires a custom approach
  • Each social style comes with strengths and weaknesses
  • Management and work styles must also be custom, and constantly adapting



Difficult Conversations

Howard University employs a generous amount of faculty and staff who are sometimes faced with leading classroom discussions, meetings, and having discussions on difficult topics. Some workplace discussions are just tough to have, and we don’t want you to be blindsided and unprepared when those conversations arise. Although it seem like the best thing to do is to try to avoid these tough conversations, Human Resources would like to embrace the same intentional attitude used for engagement initiatives and personnel planning. Email  to schedule time to recognize the difficult situations you might come across and become better prepared to handle the reactions that may follow.