Qualifying Life Events

Outside of annual Open Enrollment, you may change your medical, dental, vision, flexible spending account, and supplemental life benefits within 30 days of experiencing one of the following qualifying life events during the year:

  • Birth, legal adoption, or placement for adoption
  • Marriage, divorce, or legal separation
  • Spouse gains or loses employment or eligibility with current employer
  • Death of spouse or dependent child
  • Spouse or dependent becomes Medicare/Medicaid eligible or ineligible
  • Change in residence that changes eligibility for coverage
  • Court-ordered change

The option of changing your elections upon the occurrence of a “qualifying life event” is limited by the IRS to changes that align with the life event. To make changes during the year, employees should login to Workday to update your benefits within 30 days of the event. Any changes you make for yourself and your dependents must be consistent with, and as a result of, your life event. Documentation of the qualifying life event is required and must be submitted in Workday. The following is a list of acceptable documentation: birth certificate, adoption agreement, marriage certificate, and/or court order documents.