Onboarding is a term that refers to the complete inter-departmental process required to bring a new hire to Howard University. The process starts when the Office of Human Resources issues the candidate an offer letter, proceeds when the candidate attends the new hire seminar, and ends when the new employee receives their first pay check.

Hiring Policy

Please click here to read the University's Hiring Policy. Hiring managers must read, acknowledge and abide by the policy. If you are a hiring manager, please click here for important information

Four important things to note about the onboarding process are as follows

  • Interdepartmental teams have cooperatively designed and implemented changes to the onboarding process. These changes will
    -enable hiring actions to be completed expeditiously and
    -enhance the onboarding process to provide new hires with a positive initial experience from day-one orientation up through an accurate, on-time first paycheck.
  • Admission to the New Hire Seminar (orientation) is restricted to only those persons who have received offer letters from the Office of Human Resources

  • No person will work before attending the New Hire Seminar

  • Sanctions will be imposed for violations of the hiring policy