Human Resources Information Systems

The mission of the Department of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) is to develop and lead information system plans that meet Human Resources’ automation, data, records and information management requirements. The department’s primary focus is on establishing integrated systems for the administration and deployment of strategic Human Resource information, programs, and services.

Human Resource Information Technology

A major objective of HRIS is to increase Human Resource Management's capacity to leverage and assimilate new and emerging technologies; streamline workflow; maximize accuracy, reliability, and validity of workforce data; and ease deployment and collection of data and information.

Records and Information Management

Another major objective of the Department of HRIS is to develop electronic historical employee records for the University.  HRIS maintains the Official Personnel File (OPF) which is the primary repository for the University’s workforce.  The department’s continuous effort is on enhancing the integrity and relevance of Human Resource information and working toward the implementation of a paperless work environment.

Customer Service

HRIS constantly strives for excellence in customer service. The department’s activities center on a multitude of task to include the following:

  • HR and Management Reporting
  • Human Resource Website
  • Leave Accrual Rate Reconciliation (Service Computations)
  • Request for employee data and information
  • Request for University Official Personnel Records
  • System Security Access Control