Frequently Asked Questions

What is Employee Self Service (ESS)?

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a web-based system that has been created to enable employees to monitor and update their own records effectively. ESS allows employees to perform a range of functions, including the ability to report time, access and change personal details, view and print pay slips, access leave information, edit direct deposit and federal tax exemptions, and request duplicate W-2’s.

What is Manager Self Service (MSS)?

Manager Self Service (MSS) gives managers online, real-time access to the tools and information they need to oversee their employees' and provide personnel recommendation. Available online tools include employee time management/approval, position reports, and viewing their employee job and personal information. By streamlining managerial tasks, eliminating paperwork, and minimizing the need for HR involvement, improve productivity, and provide greater access to important business data and processes.

What is Recruiting Solutions (RS)?

Recruiting Solutions (RS) allow managers to easily create and requests to fill online, and provide personnel recommendations. Intuitive self-service pages guide managers completely through the job requisition process. Once the create information has been input, and approvals have routed through the system, Sr. Recruiters within the Department of Employment become involved. The position is posted online, and applicants can apply. Sr. Recruiters can screen applicants, and refer to Hiring Departments. Manager’s maintain access to critical information about their open job requisitions, and Recruiting Solutions provide a central source for collecting and analyzing interview results.

What is the PeopleSoft Support Center (PSC)?

The PeopleSoft Support Center (PSC) is responsible for providing immediate assistance, or elevating your request to a level where it can be accurately resolved. Additional information will be released at times that additional services are provided. Contact PSN at 202-806-2020. You will be required to provide your Howard University identification card number, and will receive a HEAT ticket number for service requests.

How can I obtain access to the Employee Self Service?

Contact the PeopleSoft Support Center (PSC) at 202-806-2020, and provide your identification card number and e-mail address. An initial password will be issued, and is all that is required to enter Employee Self Service.

How can I obtain access to the Manager Self Service and/or Recruiting Solutions?

Security access for MSS and RS is controlled by submission of the End User Access Request Form to the PeopleSoft Project Office. The level of access is determined by job role and need to process information. Access will be granted to view the parts of the system that are needed to perform a job. It is requested that individuals attend training to obtain the form. The End User Access Request Form can also be downloaded from and returned by fax to 202-464-4926. Manager’s are required to sign off on levels of security.

Whom do I contact if I have problems accessing the system?

Contact the PeopleSoft Support Center (PSN) at 202-806-2020.

What is a HEAT ticket?

You will be required to present a HEAT ticket number to obtain responses for services. Contact PSN 202-806-2020 to report issue, and receive a HEAT ticket number. The HEAT ticket system helps with tracking service requests and responses. Also tracks information for improvement of services and operations.

When are the training classes being offered?

The training schedule is located at

What is the User Productivity Kit (UPK)?

The User Productivity Kit (UPK), Job Aids and Business Processes are used for self-training of PeopleSoft products. After signing on to PeopleSoft, click “help” in the upper right hand corner. Hold down the Control and Alt keys simultaneously, and click “On-Demand”. The UPK will open, click “All”. Select the topics that you wish to review.

What is “Workflow”?

Workflow in the PeopleSoft application is a succession of approval requests that the system generates to communicate transaction information. For instance, once someone initiates the Job Opening process, “workflow” will continue the electronic notification process after each person in the chain of approvals registers a response. At the appropriate time, each approver will receive a notification on their desktop PeopleSoft application “work-list”.

Does the system keep track of the approval path and comments for a request?

Yes, the system does keep track of the approval path which provides accountability. Comments that are typed in comment boxes are recorded for everyone along the approval chain to review. Additionally, there is a Workflow Administrator at the University who is responsible for monitoring the system for delays in the electronic routing of workflow.

If I am timed out of the system, will I loose any unsaved data?

Yes. Most MSS and RS submission pages have a “Save” button that can be utilized to save the data already entered, and to generate a unique ID for that task that can be retrieved later for completion. As long as the submitter does not use the “Submit” buttons or set a status to “Complete” and Save, the request will not be submitted. See specific UPK lessons for more details to the individual MSS and RS tasks.

Can a screen be printed?

Yes. To print a copy, use the print screen key on the keyboard to print a copy of whatever is viewable in the Internet Explorer window. Additionally, printing results can be obtained by clicking “select all” on the webpage, then ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ into a Microsoft Word document to print the entire page

What e-mail will Howard University use for notifications?

PeopleSoft will only recognize your Howard University e-mail account.

How do I know who my Department of Employment representative is?

Please visit the Department of Employment webpage. Recruiter assignments are located on the Employment Form page.

What happens to the Personnel Recommendation Form & Request to Fill Forms?

The electronic “Create Job Opening/Reappointment” replaces these previously hard copy forms will be replaced with requests that can be circulated electronically for approvals.

What is Create Job Opening/Reappointment?

Create Job Opening/Reappointment is the process whereby the Hiring Department creates a request to fill a position, and designates it as an appointment or reappointment, assigning to a Sr. Recruiter. Appointments are then posted online to collect applications, or used as a way to communicate to the Sr. Recruiter that an appointment be made to someone that has been identified and has provided a profile online. Reappointment intentions can also be communicated via this mode. All initial hires and reappointments are ultimately offered by the Department of Employment, and will be made effective at the beginning of pay periods. No hires should occur outside of this process.

How do I forward resume/applications for staff job openings/offers?

Applicants must submit applications online to be considered for jobs which have been posted. Sr. Recruiter assigned to the Hiring Department will forward certified applicants for review and interview.

How far in advance should I submit a Create Job Opening/Reappointment?

Please preplan your hires, and consult with the PeopleSoft Processing Guidelines located on the Human Capital Management website All appointments must be officially offered by the Department of Employment. Employees should not begin appointment before attending New Hire Orientation, or reappointment before they are contacted by the Department of Employment. All appointments will be effective at beginning of pay periods.

Can PeopleSoft be used to fill Graduate Assistantships?

Yes. A department must use PeopleSoft to fill any new or existing position.

What if I cannot see an employee who reports to me?

The “reports to” is built around budget ownership, and then the management hierarchy within the department. Requested adjustments must be reported to PSC at 202-806-2020, and will be further routed within the PeopleSoft Project Office, and reviewed for feasibility of the request.

I am moving to a new department. How do I change my responsibility in Manager Self Service?

Contact the PSC at 202-806-2020 for an End User Access Request Form, or download a copy from the HU leads webpage The manager in your new department will be required to approve your newly designated access level.

What happens to the Position Recommendation Form?

The electronic “Position Request” replaces the Position Recommendation Form. All previous hard copy forms will be replaced with recommendations that can be circulated electronically for approvals.

The Manager Self Service reports do not have all the data my department requires. How can I request modifications?

Submit a HEAT request ticket to the PSC, indicating your need for a specific report. It will also be necessary to complete a PeopleSoft Change/System Request Form, of which PSC can provide to you.

Is salary information in the system?

Yes. Salary information will be held in confidence and will not be accessible to anyone other than those authorized to view it.

If a position is denied, is there an appeal process?

The appeal process would be the same as it is now, and will be conducted person to person outside of PeopleSoft.

How do I assign different budgeting percentages for a position?

Within the Position Request approval process, you will be able to indicate budget amounts/percentages in a profile box.

How do I assign a grant position for more than one year?

Positions and recommendations cannot be finally approved and filled unless positions are budgeted and approved in the system. Please be sure to fully understand budgeting alternatives. Please consult with the Office of Sponsored Programs for assistance with pre-award or advance spending.

How do I budget two positions from one funding source?

You must complete the Position Request process to allocate funds.

Why are there sometimes more than one Employee Identification (EmplID) numbers in searches?

Employees can have multiple jobs. In PeopleSoft these multiple jobs are displayed as Employee Records (Empl Rcds) with values of ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3, etc. If an Employee only has one job the corresponding Empl Rcd is usually ‘0’.

What does a Faculty member receive as official notification of the approved reappointment?

Once the hire has been completed in MSS, the Department of Employment will provide the Chair with offer information that can be provided to the Faculty member.

How are retirements submitted?

Retirements are submitted via Manager Self Service; Job and Personal Information. The manager initiates the retirement request in the system, and either manager or employee must also submit the official employee retirement request letter to the Department of Employment 202- 387-2983 fax. Additionally, it is necessary for the manager to submit annual leave payoff requests through the Incidental Pay Request.

How are terminations submitted?

Terminations are submitted via Manager Self Service; Job and Personal Information. The manager initiates the termination request in the system. If termination is the result of at-will employee request, the manager or employee must also submit the official employee request letter to the Department of Employment 202- 387-2983 fax. If termination is the result of at-will employer request, the manager must ensure that proper protocol has been completed via OGC, Union, and/or Employee Relations. In all cases, it is necessary for the manager to submit annual leave payoff requests through the Incidental Pay Request.

How is annual leave requested for retirements/separations/terminations?

Managers must submit annual leave payoff requests through the Incidental Pay Request.

Do I need an end date for tenure-track?

Appointment end-dates are needed only for temporary appointments. Tenure track appointments do not require an end-date in PeopleSoft.

Are Special Appointments in the system?

Yes. Any person paid as an employee in the system will be carried in PeopleSoft including Special Appointments, students, and wage employees.

When submitting an Incidental Pay request, how do I know what the employee’s base salary is so that I can calculate the 10% pay amount?

A report of employee’s current compensation will be available to all department heads, you can either get that information from your department heads or you can call the PeopleSoft Support Center (6-2460) where the information can be provided ONLY IF you are authorized to receive such information.