Position Management Toolkit


The above documents are being provided to you as part of a Position Management Toolkit. Additional documents to assist you with position management matters will be regularly added to this toolkit. The FAQs will be updated as new questions are presented. Suggestions are welcome.

ePAR Tips

  1. The Position ePAR is only for vacant positions. Filled positions will not appear in Position ePAR. A Position ePAR must be completed prior to hiring into a position.
  2. Remember to "Submit" your ePAR after saving it by clicking on "Workflow" (located at the top of the page) and then "Submit". An ePAR that is not submitted will remain in the "Initial/Ready" stage and will not trigger the workflow approvals.
  3. Be sure to include a detailed justification in the "Comment" field or the ePAR will be pushed back to the original submitter. The Comment field replaces the "justification section" in the old Position Request.
  4. Only existing positions may be processed in ePAR. NEW positions must follow an offline authorization process:
    • Newly created-positions are those that are submitted as part of the current fiscal year budget or in addition to the current fiscal year budget that have never been activated or filled.
    • This definition applies to “proposed” or “frozen” positions in PeopleSoft.
  5. The Position ePAR and Pay Rate Change ePAR replace the old Position Request. The Additional Pay ePAR replaces the old Incidental Pay Request and Stipend Request.
  6. Persons of Interest (POI) are now entered at the department level by submitting a POI ePAR.
  7. When submitting a Separation ePAR, be sure to “save” the ePAR after "confirming" the statement is true.
  8. You may only submit ePARs for positions or employees that are in your department.
  9. You may view the status of the ePAR approval at any time by clicking on “Workflow Approval Map”.

Refer to the ePAR User Guide, located on the portal, for additional information related to ePAR submittals and approvals. Additional questions may be directed to the Compensation Department at Compensation@Howard.edu.