Peoplesoft Earnings Codes & Definitions

Earnings Code Description Eligible Employees Definition and Use
ASP Athletic Supplemental Pay Athletic Coaches only Incentive Pay for Athletic Coaches.
AWD-STP Awards All Recognition awards. Must be pre-approved by appropriate entities.
BNS Bonus Faculty and Staff Additional documentation required. Must be pre-approved by appropriate entities.
COM Commissions for WHUR / WHUT WHUR / WHUT employees only Commission payment to WHUR / WHUT employees as part of a CBA.
HON-STP Honorarium - One Time Payment Exempt Staff; Faculty Payment given to a professional person for services for which fees are not legally or traditionally required.
MOV Moving Expense Director level staff and above; Faculty Reimbursement for moving expenses, e.g., mileage and lodging, up to the amount approved in the offer letter (refer to University Policy 500-004 Relocation Expense Reimbursement).
OCP On-Call Pay Faculty Practice Plan Physicians FPP Physicians who receive on-call pay from HUH.
OVL Overload - Faculty Faculty only Supplemental pay to faculty for teaching additional courses outside of contract.
SPE Supplemental Pay - Staff Exempt Staff Lump sum or recurring payments to full-time exempt staff members who perform work outside of their regular classification and scope of work (See Compensation Manual). Nonexempt employees are not eligible for supplemental pay; hours work must be entered in Time & Labor with advance approval from supervisor. Must be approved in advance by the Department of Compensation & Performance Management.
SPS Supplemental Pay - Students Hilltop and Yearbook student employees only Lump sum payments to Hilltop and Yearbook students to compensate for services performed at the end of each academic session.
SPF Supplemental Pay - Faculty Faculty Lump sum or recurring payments to full-time faculty who work on extra projects that are supported by grants.
SSC Summer School Teaching Faculty Payments made to faculty at the end of each summer session as compensation for teaching summer school. Compensation amount is based on the contract in accordance with the number of students in attendance.
UNF Uniform Allowance Staff (Union Only) Payment of allowance for uniforms and tools.
VIR Virtual Teaching Faculty Payments made to faculty who teach online.