Process For Adding a New Position

Positions Covered
All newly created positions whether they are submitted as part of the current fiscal year budget, or in addition to the current fiscal year budget that have never been activated or filled. This definition applies to “proposed” or “frozen” positions in PeopleSoft. Departments are strongly encouraged to use an existing vacant position number prior to requesting a new position.

Required Prerequisites
The Department of Compensation and Performance Management (“Compensation Department”) must be consulted in advance to complete the usual position description certification and classification review process.

New Position Authorization Request (NPAR)
The “New Position Authorization Request (or NPAR)” will be used to document the authorization process (see attachment), and will be attached to the ePAR in PeopleSoft, along with the Compensation Department certification forms and new position description.

Required Authorizations
A Cabinet Officer, Finance designee, and a Human Resources designee must authorize the position. Once the new position has received all authorizations, the Compensation Department will provide create a position number, the Budget Department will update the budget tables, and the form with new position number is returned to the department. The requestor/designee will then enter the new position number in the “Electronic Personnel Action Request or ePAR” module of PeopleSoft for final approval. Once the ePAR has been approved, the normal recruitment and onboarding process will commence.

Role of The HR Business Partner
The “Business Partner” who is assigned to the Cabinet Officer or unit initiating the request, will assist in the approval process.